Focus and Scope

Mathematics Education, the scope of scientific articles that can be published in the Academic Journal of Mathematics Education within the scope of mathematics education is conceptual understanding, study and application of theory, practitioner writing and research results, and teaching in mathematics education: 1) Mathematics Learning Models, 2) Media Learning, 3) Mathematics Curriculum in Mathematics Learning, 4) Assessment and Evaluation in Mathematics Learning, 5) Ethnomathematics, 6) Didactic Mathematics Learning Design in Mathematics Learning, 7) Lesson Study in Mathematics Learning Mathematics.

Mathematics, Apart from education, we also accept the study of mathematics in the fields of: Algebra, Analysis, Statistics, Computational Mathematics, Applied Mathematics.

Ethnomathematics, is “applied mathematics” that develops within identifiable cultural groups such as ethnic groups, labor groups, children of certain age groups and professional classes. In short, ethnomathematics is a form of mathematics that has been integrated into culture.